3 Fun and Smart Online Activities for Days You Just Want to Stay Indoors By: Jenny Wise

Hi all, this heat is pretty ridiculous isn't it? Here in Danville, the current temperature reading is 103 degrees! 

We are so fortunate in the San Ramon Valley to be a short drive away from the mountains or the beach and can escape the heat. However, for the days when you and your family cannot get away from our triple digit heatwaves (or when we finally make it to those rainy days), I have a post that is perfect for you!

This is a guest post by Jenny Wise of specialhomeeducator.com, and is a great post for when you get complaints of boredom from your kids or your kids have used up their gaming time. 

3 Fun and Smart Online Activities for Days You Just Want to Stay Indoors

Whether it’s the weather, a sunburn, or just the desire to stick to the AC, watching mindless TV or mentally dissolving into a tablet, phone or video game system aren’t the only activities for the kids. There are many indoor activities that families can do together that increase kids’ knowledge while adding some fitness and fun as well. And sometimes, you can even incorporate those electronic devices - not as distractions, but as tools for entertainment, education and fun.

1. Fun, Indoor Exercises

For a fun and family-friendly workout, turn your largest room into a pop-up home fitness studio. YouTube has a countless number of fitness videos. Although there are no easily-accessible statistics on how much fitness content is on YouTube, the company has noted that over 5,500 years’ worth of yoga videos alone were watched in 2014. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of trainers offering free classes, tips and information on many fitness topics.

Many of these fitness classes, especially those at the beginner-level, are appropriate for children of all ages. Simply search “kids’ fitness” to find a routine that is fun and effective. Kids enjoy yoga, boot-camp style workouts, and any workout that has a good soundtrack.

Speaking of good music, kids can get exercise from more than just fitness classes. Dancing is all over the internet, and the latest moves to the hottest pop music can work up a sweat quickly. Look for edited, age-appropriate versions of songs and videos, such as KidzBop or radio-edited songs. Have kids take turns learning new dance moves, and have a dance-off at the end of the day.

2. Artistic Expression for Fun and Learning

Music can also be a fun resource for indoor online activities. In addition to listening and dancing to music, children can learn basic music theory online as well. The ukulele, for example, is very popular due to its simplicity. Most anyone can learn the basic uke chords quickly, and be on their way to playing their own versions of popular tunes. Ukuleles are also fairly inexpensive, and teach manual dexterity in addition to musical notes and scales.

Children do not have to perform to gain from music. Music appreciation can increase a child’s ability to learn, while teaching about the different styles and genres. The positive effect of classical music on the brain is well-known, and thousands of concerts are available for free online through YouTube and other sites.

3. Learning Math and Science in the Home

When it comes to learning other topics, math and science are particularly easy to learn online. There are countless sites that offer fun (and free) online learning tools, such as math games. Another source for stimulating children’s brains is the series Brain Games, which is available to stream through Netflix. This program covers many of the quirks of the human brain, such as how perception and cognition work. Children love to learn the strange parts of how learning works, such as optical illusions and the power of suggestion - two topics the series has covered.

In addition to online games and series, there are many tutorials for fun science projects available with the click of a mouse. Use these as a way to bring science class into the kitchen or living room, and you can even make cleanup part of the day’s exercise class afterwards!

While rest and relaxation have their place, you can still take advantage of the indoors for fun, family, and fitness.

Image via Pixabay